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Soffront Employee Support

Soffront Employee Support
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Soffront Employee Support solution focuses on the crucial element behind every customer interaction – employee. Effectively address employee IT support inquiries. Manage the assets used by the employees – IT assets and non IT assets – through their entire lifecycle from acquisition to retirement.

Do these issues sound familiar?
  • Employees perceive inadequate response from the IT support team

  • Internal help desk agents spend most of their time over a few repetitive issues

  • Inability to share information, which results in rediscovering the wheel

  • Inability to track issues, that results in dropped cases

  • No track of organization’s assets – what exists, where is it and who uses it?

  • Confusion and productivity loss when inducting new recruits

  • Inability to track response time and justify value of IT support team

  • Need to leverage the Internet, minimize travel and provide proactive employee support

  • Need to beef up infrastructure for software license compliance audits and disaster recovery

  • No visibility to help desk agent productivity

  • Management sees increasing IT support costs but no discernible improvement in support quality

Soffront Employee Support solution provides the solution to address these challenges.

Soffront Employee Support solution comprises of the following products:

Soffront Employee Helpdesk 
Soffront Employee Helpdesk manages employee support tickets from submission to resolution. Create tickets and assign them to IT help desk agents automatically. Define the support process you follow. Dynamically generate action buttons that guide support reps through the defined process. Know where every ticket stands in the resolution process and ensure no ticket slips through the cracks. With the integrated Soffront Asset Management, the relevant system/ environment information appears automatically, when the employee submits an issue. Generate work orders on the issues raised. Send an electronic survey to measure employee satisfaction, when a ticket is closed. Generate reports to measure employee productivity. 

Soffront Asset Management
Soffront Asset Management manages the portfolio of assets whether they are IT or fixed assets like tables/chairs. Tag the asset, know where it is located and who is using it. Keep track of key information like life expectancy, current value, maintenance dates and warranty/contracts. With the add-on module, Soffront IT Asset Auditing, automatically discover your IT assets in the network and generate configuration information, such as the operating system and the software installed, on each machine. 

Soffront Mobile Support
Soffront Mobile Support provides mobile access to real-time information to your IT help desk personnel. Powered by the Soffront Mobile family of products, it includes Soffront PDA, Soffront Notebook and Soffront WAP.

Soffront Knowledge Management for Employee Self Service  
Soffront Knowledge Management for Employee Self Service provides a natural language self-service interface to employees. This interface can be incorporated in your employee portal or intranet. Work collaboratively across multiple locations. Create solution articles, with pictures and attachments, using a WYSIWIG editor. Configure the knowledge creation process to match what you follow. Access the knowledge base, from Soffront Employee Helpdesk, while working on a ticket. Add a solution to the knowledge base, from Soffront Employee Helpdesk, when you resolve a ticket.

Soffront Employee Portal
Soffront Employee Portal provides a web-based interface to submit tickets and check the status of pending tickets. Configure the validation rules and the interface to match your needs. Create and assign the ticket automatically. Integrate the application in your employee portal or intranet.

Soffront Email Response
Soffront Email Response helps you address the ever-increasing volume of email inquiries. Respond faster to email inquiries by analyzing the incoming email and automatically routing it to the right help desk agents. Send an intelligent auto response, with the results of the knowledgebase query. Follow up with an electronic survey and close the ticket if the employee is satisfied with the knowledgebase results.

Soffront Multi-Channel Contact Center
Soffront Multi-Channel Contact Center is an IP based contact center that enables you to provide support through multiple channels - Telephone, Voice chat (voice over IP), Web chat and Email. Agents make/receive phone calls using a multi-media computer (connected to the internet) and a headset. Employees call a regular phone number, as usual. However, the help desk agent is actually is receiving it on a remote computer, at his home or offshore! Handle up to 23 incoming calls simultaneously using a single T1 line. Support hundreds of agents with multiple T1 lines.

Soffront Defect Tracking
Soffront Defect Tracking is the defect-tracking tool used by the Testing and the Development team to work through the life cycle of a product defect. Configure the workflow for raising a bug, validating it, assigning it to a developer, closing it and re-opening it. Interface with source control applications and manage test cases.

Soffront Business Rules
Soffront Business Rules for Employee Support is the business rules engine that runs 24X7 to monitor your business process. Define rules and take automatic actions when a rule is hit. For example, escalate a ‘low’ priority ticket to ‘high’ priority, if it has not been resolved for over 72 hours. Send an alert e-mail to the finance manager if a leased asset is due for renewal within the next two weeks.

Soffront Customization Tools
Soffront Customization Tools help you customize Soffront CRM to match the way you work. Define the workflow for your support and defect resolution processes. Add fields and tables to capture all the information you want. Redesign the user interface and add new forms for the new data model. Do all this without any programming knowledge! Combined with the powerful configuration and individual personalization features, this powerful tool reduces your implementation time and minimizes the risk of failure. Preserve your investment in Soffront CRM. Change it with the changing business processes with your evolving business.