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Infor CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for Travel & Leisure

Infor CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for Travel & Leisure
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Solutions for building customer loyalty, preference, and revenue value.

The global travel and leisure industry is a dynamic market, with dramatic demand shifts driven by predictable fluctuations and unpredictable events. At the same time, new sales channels and low-cost competition continue to erode revenues and margins from even the most profitable performers. Addressing these challenges requires a customer relationship management solution that builds customer loyalty, preference, and revenue.

Infor CRM for Travel and Leisure helps companies increase profitability through the use of analytics and processes that anticipate and address the needs of loyal customers. The solution can enable travel and leisure service providers to understand customer history and buying patterns, make optimal sales suggestions, and increase net income without replacing systems.

Infor’s customer relationship management solutions for travel and leisure help you:

  • Increase customer loyalty and preference for your services

  • Maximize customer revenue

  • Improve service quality and efficiency

  • Capture and close sales opportunities

Infor’s CRM software system helps travel and leisure service providers deliver the best up-sell and cross-sell offers during both inbound and outbound interactions. It works seamlessly with existing front- and back-end systems so you can leverage your technology investment now. Components include:

Marketing—inbound and outbound marketing capabilities that streamline the campaign process and create real-time customer profiles that can be analyzed to identify high-impact offers at the time of interaction.

Sales—sales force automation and opportunity management capabilities that facilitate customer conversations by driving intelligence into every customer interaction.

Service—personalized contact center capabilities that give customer service representatives a unified view of customers across all existing systems and empower them to shorten call times and resolve issues on the first call. Sophisticated, real-time analytics drive personalized, customer-focused processes and offers, turning customer interactions into revenue opportunities.