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Infor Manufacturing CRM

Infor Manufacturing CRM
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Complete customer visibility for today’s manufacturers.

The positive steps we take to help our customers are simply what they expect; the things that go wrong are what begin to fragment the relationship. Customer relationships, therefore, must be managed so that manufacturers can continuously meet or exceed expectations, anticipate and respond to change, and maximize the opportunities presented by each customer’s needs.

Infor CRM for Manufacturing provides the real-time information you need to grow your customer base, retain customers, and find additional business opportunities with current customers. With built-in manufacturing industry experience, Infor CRM solutions enable you to manage customer contacts and relationship development—gathering each customer’s complete history and extending it across the organization—so you can identify customer needs, automate ongoing orders, and generate focused marketing programs. And since they’re accessible anytime, anywhere and fully integrated with other enterprise solutions, you’re able to reduce costs and improve operating efficiency.

Infor’s customer relationship management solutions for manufacturing help you:

  • Gain complete customer visibility

  • Find rapid access to critical information

  • Improve lead generation and pipeline management

  • Provide efficient customer service

  • Get anytime, anywhere mobile access

  • Reduce costs with complete integration

Infor’s CRM software solution provides manufacturing companies with comprehensive capabilities for marketing, multi-channel sales and service, and complete front- and back-office integration. 

Marketing—marketing capabilities for enterprise-level organizations that streamline the campaign process and create real-time customer profiles.

Sales—sales force automation and opportunity management capabilities for enterprise-level organizations that drive intelligence into customer interactions.

Service—personalized contact center capabilities for enterprise-level organizations that give customer service representatives a unified view of customers across existing systems.

Interactive Selling—quoting, proposal, and document generation capabilities that provide key product, availability, and pricing information to direct salespeople and indirect channels. Includes a pricing engine that allows for multidimensional pricing and discounting.

CRM for Infor ERP—a range of solutions that give Infor ERP customers integrated CRM capabilities that complement their ERP application and provide them with industry-specific  functionality for managing customer relationships.