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Infor Automotive CRM

Infor Automotive CRM
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Solutions for driving profitable, efficient customer growth.

The automotive industry is a dynamic one with many trends that are driving dramatic change. As a whole, the industry is experiencing globalization and diversification. Automotive suppliers have reacted by trying to sell products to as many different customers as possible to reduce risk and increase revenue. At the same time, mergers and acquisitions and a trend towards consolidation are exerting extreme pressure on suppliers to lower costs. As a result, enterprising companies recognize they must not only manage more customers, but do so more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Infor CRM for Automotive provides a fully integrated EDI, release accounting, shipping control, and invoicing solution that supports over 500 trading partners with the latest EDI transaction sets as mandated by your automotive customers. Seamless integration is provided between demand management processes and your business applications. You can view inventory while creating shipping documents, compare net requirements with availability of finished goods, generate barcode labels from requirements, and then scan them to create or verify a shipment. All shipping and invoicing documents are automatically generated.

Infor’s customer relationship management solutions for automotive help you:

  • Prevent costly information delays

  • Eliminate the labor and cost of manually entering data for releases and shipping paperwork

  • Reduce risk and failure points

  • Eliminate communications troubleshooting

  • Improve your supplier rating and strengthen relationships with your customers

  • Meet compliance requirements quickly with easy set up and training

Infor CRM for Automotive provides solutions that allow you to present a single face to your customers. Constantly changing mandates from multiple trading partners are a significant burden for automotive suppliers, which is why Infor solutions include complex business rules for more than 500 trading partners right out of the box. Our solutions enable you to respond to changes in minutes, rather than days, and there's no need for extensive customization in order to be productive. If a customer mandates a change involving an EDI document, barcode label, bill of lading or another requirement, Infor handles it automatically so you can focus on expanding and diversifying your manufacturing and customer base. 

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