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MS CRM Software Review - Is It Right For Your Business?

MS CRM Software Review - Is It Right For Your Business?

Microsoft's CRM solution (MS CRM) helps small and mid-sized companies as well as individual departments within large corporations or global organizations drive more efficient and effective customer-facing operations across their business. Since its introduction in early 2003, MS CRM, also known as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, has become available in more than 22 languages, and is currently in use at over 150,000 customer sites worldwide.

Last year, MS CRM was re-branded as part of the Microsoft Dynamics product line. Microsoft Dynamics is a suite of tightly-aligned, ERP-style solutions for customer relationship management, supply chain management, and financial management.

Microsoft Dynamics offers several modules that streamline and coordinate a wide range of customer-touching processes and functions, including lead and contact management, field service operations (for example, dispatching and response tracking), customer service and call center management, sales force automation, and marketing automation.

These feature-rich components are all designed to increase efficiency and productivity, improve the customer experience, boost sales and revenues, and minimize the costs associated with acquiring, supporting, and retaining customers.

Other Microsoft Dynamics benefits include:

* Ease of Deployment.

Microsoft Dynamics offers accelerated implementation, so companies can get their new CRM solution into production as quickly as possible.

* User-friendliness.

The Microsoft Dynamics interface is highly intuitive, so sales, marketing, and service staff can utilize its features and capabilities with minimal training.

* Flexible Integration.
Microsoft Dynamics can be tightly integrated with more than just Word, Excel, Outlook, and other Microsoft applications. It can be linked to virtually any ERP or other third-party system, to provide complete visibility into all customer activities.

* Role-based Security.
The Microsoft Dynamics security infrastructure allows administrators to authorize access to information based on each user's role within the company. This helps ensure the integrity of confidential customer data at all times.

Microsoft CRM? MS CRM? Microsoft Dynamics? No matter what you call Microsoft's CRM software you'll discover a combination of power, functionality, and ease-of-use. With Microsoft's CRM systems, mid-sized companies around the world can quickly realize the benefits of customer relationship management.