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CRM Software Reviews Identify Key Strengths in Market Leaders

CRM Software Reviews Identify Key Strengths in Market Leaders

An examination of CRM software reviews throughout the industry has returned some interesting findings, although you are likely to agree that the value of the offering is in the eye of the beholder. That being said, you also have to start with CRM software reviews to narrow down your options. Most decision makers do not want to go blindly into such an important purchase and deployment and the opinions and experiences of others lend great credibility to a product.

While there are many CRM solutions to choose from, here you will find a little insight on three market leaders: Microsoft Dynamics, Netsuite CRM and Soffront CRM. This is by no means an inclusive list of all solutions you could consider; but in terms of CRM software reviews, it does provide you with specific information on each solution in order to build out your case for new investments in CRM solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft has a strong value proposition in the market due to its integration and ease-of-use. The user interface is already familiar to employees, which ramps up your user adoption. At the same time, it offers easy integration into nearly every environment, which scores points with your IT department. Whether you select the CRM Professional or CRM Small Business, CRM software reviews indicate that both are easily customized or ready to use out-of-the-box.

There are a number of benefits you can expect from your Microsoft Dynamics implementation, including increasing the efficiency of sales, lengthening and strengthening of customer relationships, address and fix service problems more effectively, establish demand and facilitate new businesses. All CRM software reviews indicate that these benefits are nearly immediate and measurable.

NetSuite CRM
NetSuite has built a strong reputation in the global market for delivering what companies need to meet the needs of customers both effectively and efficiently. In CRM software reviews, the company continues to come out on top as it provides all-in-one CRM with the capabilities to manage the tasks associated with customer relationships and sales, while leveraging key NetSuite assets to get the job done.

A number of CRM software reviews have pointed to the benefits of NetSuite’s automation, customization, dashboards and other information tools. The company’s solution also equips you to make effective forecasting and contact management decisions to take your marketing and sales efforts to a whole new level.

Soffront CRM
Throughout CRM software reviews, the indication is that Soffront CRM is designed to perform at its best within the medium-sized business. The solution is designed to appeal to budgets at this level, while also offering flexibility and scalability for the company seeking to grow over time. Easy adjustments in programming and design ensure the solution will work well within your environment, as long as you establish the expectations up front.

This solution has demonstrated through CRM software reviews that it can easily enable a company to provide world-class customer service, effectively manage help desks and sales orders, enhance marketing effectiveness and efficiency and provide portals for self-service, chat and even forums.