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11 CRM from A to Z

An end-to-end CRM initiative will enhance activities across your entire business. Sales, marketing, support, and other teams, managing tasks that span the entire customer lifecycle, will reap the far-reaching benefits of CRM.

12 5 Tips for Negotiating the Best CRM Software Deal

Although the CRM marketplace is highly-competitive and vendors are willing to slash prices to win your business, effectively negotiating your CRM software deal takes knowledge, skill and confidence. Here are some tips to help you get your CRM software solution at the best possible price.

13 C.R.M. Benefits for Midsize Businesses

Midsize businesses can derive significant benefits from a C.R.M. implementation. With C.R.M., these companies can make their customer-facing processes more efficient and cost-effective, while increasing sales, revenues, and customer satisfaction.

14 C.R.M. Success - The Five Essential Elements

A C.R.M. initiative is about more than just selecting the right technology. It's about defining a strategy that aligns your staff and processes with key customer-related goals. Here are five critical steps that can help your company ensure success, and accelerate return on its C.R.M. investment.

15 Six Factors to Consider When Buying CRM Applications

For mid-sized businesses, finding a CRM solution that’s both functional and affordable can pose quite a challenge. Considering these factors when purchasing CRM applications can help you make the best choice for your company.

16 What To Do Before You Start CRM Software Negotiations

While cost is a crucial factor in any CRM software purchasing decision, price negotiations should be the very last step in the selection process. Before you begin negotiating your CRM software deal, you need to work closely with each vendor on your “short list? to determine which solution is best for your businesses.

17 What's In a CRM RFP?

Choosing a CRM solution can be a long and confusing process. By issuing a CRM RFP, you can simplify and accelerate the evaluation phase of your project, and make a better, more informed decision.

18 Buying CRM Software - Who Should Be On Your Strategy Team?

Building a strong, knowledgeable, and dedicated strategy team for your CRM software project can help ensure that you achieve your goals and objectives. Read on to find out which team members will help guide you to success.

19 7 Tips for Making a CRM Software Purchase Decision

Selecting, purchasing, installing, and rolling out a CRM software solution can be complicated for any business. Here are some tips to help you simplify the process, and keep your project on the path to success.

20 Why You Need A CRM Solution

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, customer service is a critical success factor for any business. A CRM solution can help your company differentiate itself by improving the way you interact with existing and potential clients, and enhancing customer-facing activities across your business.

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