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Business software has many acronymns and terminology that can be very confusing. We have developed a comprehensive CRM glossry to help you better understand what everything means.


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How to Convince your CEO that CRM will Improve your Company's Revenues
Hard facts and examples of how CRM can bolster long term revenues. This document gives you ammunition for selling-up the benefits of CRM.
Provided by: Oncontact Software

The Real Challenge of CRM: Employee Buy-In
Just because you purchase a new CRM system, doesn’t mean your employees will use it. Learn concrete techniques for getting your employees to buy-in to the value proposition CRM delivers.
Provided by: Oncontact Software

CRM: Big is Not Always Best
Over-buying and over-paying for a CRM system can be a critical mistake. This document will help you avoid these pitfalls and select the right size CRM system for your company.
Provided by: Oncontact Software

CRM Articles

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Is CRM Technology Living Up To The Hype?
Over the last few years the buzz about CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has grown extensively. It seems that every Sales & Marketing executive is talking about it. A study conducted by Jupiter Media Metrix found that U.S. businesses spent more than $5.2 billion in CRM technology software in 20...
By: Mark Levit

CRM -- Turning Customers Into Clients
Estimates that 20 percent of customers account for 80 percent of total revenues in some businesses is a wake-up call! Finding new business a climate like that is expensive, and often unrewarding. As Barry Stamos points out in “'Best' Customers: More Profitable Relationships” (Email Marketing Newslet...
By: Bill Willard

Microsoft CRM Conversation Gateway: VOIP - Implementation & Customization
Microsoft CRM is winning market share step-by-step from such the traditional CRM providers as Siebel, Saleslogix. In this article we’ll show Microsoft Business Solutions CRM potential in the VoIP direction. Nowadays VOIP-based technologies and Instant Messaging Systems are getting wider and wider sp...
By: Andrew Karasev

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