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Aplicor CRM Pricing

Aplicor CRM Pricing
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Aplicor removes the up front capital investment and financial barriers typically required of sophisticated CRM information systems by delivering the software on a monthly pay-as-you-go rental basis, achieving a very short software implementation period, and completely offloading the hiring of IT staff, support resources or other personnel. Aplicor's all inclusive, no gimmick price is $89.00 per user per month based on annual agreement. Aplicor's value proposition includes the following benefits.

- $89.00 per user per month. The monthly fee is a no-gimmick, total subscription charge based on an annual agreement.
- No long-term contract 'lock-in'.
- Complete try-it-before-you-buy-it trial programs available.
- Online tutorials and weekly training provided at no additional cost.
- Customer support provided at no additional cost.

By reducing the initial and recurring out-of-pocket investments in favor of predictable payments, Aplicor clients' also take advantage of higher-end CRM software and clients can predict cash flow requirements and eliminate over-budget situations.