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 On-Demand - Customer Applications
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Democratizing Enterprise Applications
Every organization is unique - why shouldn’t they all be able to create their own applications to support their specific business needs? With the platform, they can.
Even non-technical Salesforce administrators can use to create custom on-demand applications that leverage the Salesforce application as a hub for managing and sharing information that drives all sorts of business processes - from product development and partner relationships to recruiting and expense tracking. Now companies can create, access, and share on-demand applications as easily as they can order a book online.
Best of all, anyone can tap into this on-demand architecture. Features like point-and-click customization and the best interface in the industry make it possible for anyone to create new on-demand applications that are automatically integrated with Salesforce. Finally, creating applications that meet your unique business needs is second nature - not just an IT fantasy.
Extending Salesforce beyond CRM brings many benefits. Users get the intuitive, familiar Salesforce interface they know and love. Businesses benefit from having all information integrated into a single database, so that all groups can work from the same accurate, up-to-date information. And everyone wins with the advantages of’s unique brand of on-demand. Like scalability, improved visibility and reporting, greater control, and enterprise-tested security. Not to mention the cost and time savings of on-demand deployments.

Sales Analytics

Key sales metrics demystify your team's performance. With real-time analytics, sales executives can quickly see who's selling what and when. You can find out which team members are closing the most deals and how long it's taking. Get insight into the pipeline along with sales forecasts you can depend on.

Marketing Analytics

Get real-time insight into the success of your marketing programs. Now marketers across the organization - from executives to program managers - can track multichannel campaigns from lead generation to closed sale. Zero in on programs that get results, so you can be sure you're focusing on the most profitable marketing activities.

Service Analytics

Know your customers - and their service needs. Executives and managers can use real-time analytics to identify who's asking for support and how long it takes to respond to them. Look at the performance of team members and find out which reps are fielding most of your customer inquiries.