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Knowledge is worthless if you can’t find the content you need when you need it. And usually—despite the best intentions—corporate content is a mess. Eighty-five percent of corporate content exists as unstructured files and documents, which are typically trapped on corporate LANs, in email, or on individual computers. So employees can’t access the content they need, or the versions they find are out-of-date and inaccurate.

Now, Salesforce Content helps you leverage your company’s knowledge with an application that combines the ease of use of consumer web sites with the control you expect in the business world. So instead of getting stuck managing complex software and searching through endless folders, you can ensure that business users get the highest-quality, most up-do-date content.

Salesforce Content

Just as people can easily find videos, photos, and information on consumer web sites, Salesforce Content empowers your business community to help identify find the most relevant content. Salesforce Content includes:


Much like YouTube made it simple to share videos, Salesforce Content lets business users easily share and manage documents, spreadsheets, multimedia clips, HTML files, and more. You simply post content online in Salesforce Content and define the group of people with whom you want to share it.

Community Tagging

The best way to find relevant content is to tap your organization's collective wisdom. Salesforce Content uses the community-based tagging approach popularized by leading Web 2.0 sites, like Flickr and When users search for information on "competitor pricing", they'll find documents that peers have tagged with exactly those words.

Community Ratings

Do you look at ratings and reviews before buying a digital camera, booking a restaurant reservation, or watching a movie? Probably so -- because community feedback is the best way to get information about a product or service. Salesforce Content works the same way, allowing business users to rate and comment on content. So publishers know what content is working well, and what content they need to fix.

User Subscriptions

Most users will find the information they want initially, but don’t want to go back continually looking for updated materials. With Salesforce Content, they can subscribe to receive alerts when materials are updated, or the company can proactively push new information to employees. Users may subscribe to documents, authors, workspaces, or topics so they are automatically notified when content of interest is created or updated.