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Constant Contact Image Management & Hosting

Constant Contact Image Management & Hosting
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Upload and store your images for easy access

A picture says a thousand words, and adding one to your email communication is one of the best things you can do to engage your contacts. Constant Contact makes it easy—with our image hosting, you can store the images in your account so you can easily access them when you need them.

Standard Image Hosting

Every Constant Contact account comes with Standard Image Hosting. You can host up to 5 images at one time, including your logo and photos you want to use in your email campaigns. You can also resize your images to make them fit.

Premium Image Hosting

Constant Contact's Premium Image Hosting service keeps all of your images right at your finger tips for just $5 a month. There's no need to host images on your website! You can store, manage, and resize hundreds of them in your account and easily add them to your email campaigns.

  • Store more images - 25MB of image storage (about 1,200 images)
  • Easily manage images - create folders, move images, rename, etc.
  • Increase flexibility for image sizing - resize imported images by percentage, pixels, cm or inches
  • Affordable - pricing based on list size; only $5 per month for lists under 50,000 (discounts apply for prepaying)