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Constant Contact Email Marketing Tracking and Reporting

Constant Contact Email Marketing Tracking and Reporting
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Learn more about your contacts with eye-opening reports

Constant Contact's real-time email tracking & reporting lets you know—within minutes of sending your email campaign—who opened, which links generated the most interest, and who clicked on each one. You'll also find out how many emails were delivered, as well as which addresses bounced and why. Having this valuable information will help you to determine your contacts' interests, the best day and time to send, how your list is growing, and much more!

Email Campaign Reports

See who opened, what they clicked on, and more!

With Constant Contact's email campaign reports you'll know:
  • How many emails were sent and delivered
  • What percentage of your subscribers opened each email
  • Who opened and clicked through each email
  • Which links generated the most click-throughs
  • How many and who removed themselves from your list
You also can:
  • Create new lists from your email campaign data, including all who opened or who clicked a particular campaign
  • Get website reporting for Gift Reminder and Send Page to a Friend
  • Create printable versions of each report
With Contact reports you'll know:
  • What your monthly email list growth is
  • How it is growing (website sign-up, forwarded emails, etc.)
  • Who is opting out of your list
  • How many gift reminders or send-page-to-a-friend pages were sent each month
  • How many and what contacts have forwarded an email to a friend
  • When a new contact joins your email list


Snapshot Report

See how effective your last three campaigns have been with one report that includes:

  • Email campaign statistics summary
  • Contact counts
  • Additional feature reports


Bounced Email Report

  • Easily view all bounced email addresses by email campaign name
  • Know why they bounced:
    • Non-existent address
    • Undeliverable
    • Mailbox full
    • Vacation/Auto reply
    • Blocked
    • Other


Comparison Reports

  • See side-by-side campaign statistics comparisons
  • See overall campaign metrics
  • Compare your results with other Constant Contact customers