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Constant Contact Email List Management

Constant Contact Email List Management
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Get peace of mind with easy list management

Email list management can be a headache if you go it alone, but not with Constant Contact. We make it easy for you to grow and manage your list—whether it's large, small, or non-existent. Relying on Constant Contact for your list management means you get peace of mind—no more headaches—and more time to focus on what's important to your business or organization.

Build your email list

Add a Join My List sign-up box to your website

  • Create your own visitor sign-up box with the Sign-up Box Wizard
  • Select from multiple styles and sizes
  • Customize with your text colors and fonts
  • Add your visitor sign-up box to your website
  • Build trust and gain new sign-ups with Constant Contact's SafeSubscribeSM
Use your visitor sign-up form to collect information
  • Customize your visitor sign-up form to match your website
  • Collect contact information and preferences from those who join your list
  • Collect unique information in 15 additional custom fields
  • Automatically send a customized confirmation email to new contacts
Build your email list "virally" with Forward-to-a-Friend
  • Add a customizable forward-to-a-friend link to any email in the Email Campaign Wizard (when your email is forwarded, a "Subscribe Me" link appears at the top of the email, allowing new subscribers to join your email list)
  • Track email forwards by month and see how many new contacts have joined


Import your email lists and contacts

  • Easily import your permission-based email lists from Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® Outlook®, Microsoft® Outlook® Express, Notebook, Act!, and more
  • Use our QuickImport tool for addresses in Microsoft® Outlook®
  • Import any .csv, .xls, .txt file
  • Add individual email addresses directly into your account
  • Export your email list into a .csv or .txt file

Add additional contact information

  • Company Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Address
  • Mailing preferences (including text or HTML)
  • Plus add up to 15 custom fields
  • "Interest category" (you set them up—they can be visible or hidden)
  • "Notes" field for your personal use
Update and manage contact information
  • Update contact information via import or individually by contact
  • Search list by contact email address or last name


Manage your email lists & contacts

  • Access your email list and subscriber information from any computer
  • View, add, delete, and update your contacts' information
  • View the history and status of subscriber adds, updates, removals, and exports in real-time
  • Easily add, rename, delete, and merge email lists
  • Gain your list members' trust with Constant Contact's SafeUnsubscribe™ and SafeSubscribeSM
  • View and manage bounces
  • Update subscriber information with ease
  • View subscriber behavior by campaign
  • Quickly search your email list


Group Contacts—create multiple email lists

  • Categorize your list members to send targeted email campaigns
  • Create an unlimited number of email lists
  • Create interest categories by segmenting your existing email list
  • Save contacts who opened or clicked through your email campaign as unique email lists
  • Automatically de-dupe names when you send an email campaign to multiple email lists or merge email lists—one email per contact!
  • Easily combine separate email lists into new lists


Clean your list and get permission

Email marketing has an enemy—its name is spam. Spammers don't ask permission and they don't make it easy for list members to unsubscribe. Constant Contact is dedicated to fighting spam by providing our customers with tools that help them to build trust with their list members.

Permission management
  • Protected by SafeSubcribeSM assures your visitors that you are using a legitimate and reputable service to send your email communications and that they can safely sign up to receive emails from you.
  • A SafeUnsubscribe™ link is automatically included in every email you send, assuring your subscribers that they can remove themselves from your list with just one click.
  • An optional permission reminder can be added to your email campaigns to remind subscribers why they are receiving email communications from you.
  • The Confirmed Opt-in feature (double opt-in) can be activated, requiring that newly-added contacts give a second confirmation to be added to your email list.
Email bounce management
  • View all bounced email addresses and learn why they bounced
  • Quickly and easily remove bounced email addresses from your list
  • Send personal emails to email addresses you believe may have bounced due to a blocking issue