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Company Strengths



Suited For: Small, Mid-size, Large Companies

Deal Management, Deal Reporting, Calendar, Manage Contacts, Lead Management and Tracking, Deal Archiving, Customization
  • Simpler & More Intuitive Design
  • No Contracts
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • No Software Bloat
  • Safe. Secure. 100% Web Based.
  • Easy Switching
PipelineDeals Simple Pricing
  • $15/user/month
  • First Month Free
  • No long term commitments
  • Exact Software

    Suited For: Companies

    Customer-specific Reports and Statistics, Financial Management, Document Management, Integrated Portal Technology
    • Complete teamwork and rapid communication between you, your customers, business partners, suppliers and vendors through integrated portals.
    • Secure logins that provide immediate access to all customer activity from anywhere, at anytime, worldwide.
    • Recognition of customer problems or issues before they happen.
    • Centralized, detailed view of each customer, including workflow, financial transactions and support issues.
    • Ability of customers and partners to actively and privately manage their own accounts.